Fast, high-quality translation and editing services with personal, responsive service.


  • French to English
  • Portuguese to English
  • Italian to English

Translation goes beyond replacing words and expressions. My job is to convey the message in your original content to a new audience, which requires in-depth knowledge of your material and skillful writing in my native language so that the translated documents read like they were written in English in the first place.


Contracts, leases, deeds and titles, court orders, briefs, depositions, licenses/permits
Clients include: law firms, mediators, non-governmental organizations and other non-profits

Marketing and communications

Correspondence, company newsletters, case studies, business and project proposals, end of year reports, press releases, marketing brochures and materials, meeting minutes
Clients include: fashion houses, marketing agencies, publishing houses, tour operators

Personal documents

Birth/marriage/death certificates, degrees, diplomas, letters of recommendation, transcripts, resumes
Clients include: students, prospective employees, couples

Other fields

Journalism, politics, government documents, literature, arts, entertainment, tourism, wine and viticulture
If your project doesn’t fall into any of these categories, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Editing and proofreading

If you have written your own English content and want it to be polished up or checked before publication, I can do a final review for surface spelling and formatting issues (proofreading) or go deeper and improve the structure and grammar (editing) to make a real impact on your readers.

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